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Children : (2 - 11 Ys.)
Babies under 2 are usually free
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Ao Nang Paradise Resort

Independent Review

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Located 500 metres from the beach, the Ao Nang Paradise Resort has an entrance that may not be much to look at from the street, but guests will be pleasantly surprised once they venture further into this beautiful garden bungalow resort.

The resort’s pool is enhanced by a cosy and fun poolside bar located in a great spot to enjoy the view, plus by an inexpensive massage room for guests to grab a rub. Rubs aside, this whole resort is about the view, which is almost omnipresent - don’t stay here and book a room with no view, you’ll kick yourself for it, as many of these rooms have a fabulous mountain view. Palm trees stand proud in front of the extensive lily ponds which stretch backwards to the foot of the vertical cliffs that rear from the ground, dripping stalactites like wax off an improbably-proportioned candle - they are really something special, these limestone karsts, and the Ao Nang Paradise is a great place to check them out.

The resort offers free wireless internet to all the rooms. All the newly refurbished rooms have flat screen televisions mated with DVD players. The décor in these newly refurbished rooms is very modern and fresh, while that is the unimproved rooms looks rather tired.

Some bungalows have garden views, but one would fail to see the point of requesting one, when other bungalows have grandstand views of the majestically towering karst mountains that separate Ao Nang from the Railay peninsula.




These smallish bungalows are a good choice for people who want to be fairly close to the beach and want a bungalow and not a hotel room. They are being refurbished at Oct 2011, a process which the resort say will be complete in a few weeks. The units nearest the pool get more light on their terraces and are the best ones to request. If you would like to request one of these better units, we can do this for you as, being a local agency, we know which the best bungalow numbers are.


These come in two types (a) one single unit is located at the back of the resort and has a magnificent mountain view (b) the other units are located in a rather claustrophobic location, all squashed together. We can request the best one for you. The Deluxe are bigger than the Superior and worth paying extra for, as the Superior are a bit on the small side.

Deluxe Cliff View

Equipped with ceiling-to-floor windows to maximize the stupendous view, these rooms are by far the best of all the mountain view rooms. With black floors and polished cement as the dominant theme in these rooms, the décor is in masculine and modern – one of these bungalows makes an excellent lad pad, or even, why not, a great ladette pad too?  

Grand Deluxe Pool Side

There is only one pool side room, and it is highly recommended. Located in a great and exclusive spot from which to savour the view, the terrace is equipped with comfortable deck chairs to collapse in. This is the room in the resort that is closest to the pool (just 6 steps away), yet it still manages to feel private as the terrace is mostly screened from view from the pool.


These are an excellent option for families and are highly recommended. The bedroom contains two 6 foot beds. The living room contains a massive L-shaped sofa that can be made up to sleep on too. Altogether these units can sleep 2 adults and up to 5 children. The price below is the price for 2 adults and 2 children. For extra children extra bed charge(s) will apply. There is a TV and DVD in both the bedroom and the living room so parents can have a lie in, read a book or watch grown-up TV while the kids watch a kids’ DVD in the living room. The outdoor terrace is underfurnished, with no comfortable spots to sit, only a hard wooden surface. The décor is modern is these recently refurbished, immaculate rooms.




Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand


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