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Babies under 2 are usually free
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Krabi Resort, Ao Nang

Independent Review

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This older resort is very well located at the northern end of Ao Nang beach. It is the only resort that is located directly on the beach. Click here for a map.

Whilst quiet and tranquil, it is within easy walking distance of most of Ao Nang’s restaurants, nightlife and amenities. Many guests particularly enjoy the fact that, in order to take a day-trip out to the Railay peninsula or the nearby islands, all they have to do is stroll down to the middle of the beach, from where the boats leave.

The comfortable lobby has elegant wicker chairs and lots of cushions tastefully decorated in an unostentatious fashion designed to put the guest at ease – you don’t feel like you should be wearing formal clothes, as you can be made to feel in some up-market places.

This large resort is set on 80 acres of manicured grounds and was the first quality hotel built in Ao Nang, so there are mature shrubs and trees everywhere. Whereas the gardeners keep the grand trees and colourful shrubs in great shape, some of the outdoor walkways look their age.

Apart from that, the resort’s only fault is the hit and miss nature of the rooms. Some of them have been recently renovated and are in superb condition, but some are in considerably less than immaculate condition, resulting in the mixed reviews the resort receives on websites such as One visitor wrote:

“The room was out of date décor-wise and there was very little wardrobe space to put our things. The furniture was very old fashioned – looked like it was from 1980”.

These problematic rooms are in the resort's older buildings, those in the newer buildings, and those that have recently been renovated, are in very good condition.

The resort’s restaurants have a relatively good reputation and are perfectly adequate for a lazy lunch, but most guests dine out – click here for a map of restaurants, nightlife and amenities.

There is a modest massage sala here, but nowhere that will really satisfy the dedicated spa enthusiast, who is recommended to head to Boossabakorn spa, Ao Nang's only luxury spa.



Krabi Resort has six different room types. Rooms within the same room type differ considerably, as can be seen below. Different room numbers will suit different travellers, and some room numbers will suit no one at all. Contact us with your requirements and dates, and we’ll determine exactly the best room type and room number for you – no other company offers you this service, which we can provide as we are based in Ao Nang.

The huge grounds make this an excellent resort for families. If you book through us we can make sure you get either (a) a pair of interconnected rooms at ground level nearby the main pool (suitable for children with young families) or (b) a pair of rooms overlooking the pool (suitable for families with older children).

In the high season the best family rooms get booked up quite quickly, but if you let us know your requirements we can pop round and see exactly what rooms they have left - as the resort is one minute’s bike ride from our office, we can pop round to make sure you get the accommodation that meets your requirements.

'Deluxe' Rooms

These smart rooms are located in one of 2 places, either:

Old Block. This is located next to the enormous pool. Families with small children should take one of these rooms, preferably a downstairs one, as these offer very easy access to the pool for the children. There are 2 rooms in particular which are the most desirable, as they connect and are on the end of the block, so have direct access to a good running-around area for children, as well as the pool. Please let us know if you'd like one of these rooms.

New Block. People with older children, or couples, should take one of these rooms, as they are quieter than the rooms in the old block. The rooms on the end of the block are the best, as they are larger and have extra windows, so receive more natural light, please let us know if you'd like one of these rooms.



There are 4 different rows of these bungalows - rows C, D, E & F.

Rows D & F consist of semi-detached bungalows.

Rows C & E consist of detached bungalows.


For both of these bungalow types (detached and semi-detached) there are good bungalows, and not so good bungalows. For more detail read on.

Rows D & F. With these semi-detached bungalows (2 to a building), the terrace area is shared with the residents of the other half of the building, so the terraces are not at all private. This makes row D & F bungalows a bad idea, unless visitors book a pair of them. The row D bungalows are more attractive than the row F bungalows, which have not been renovated recently and are thus ever so slightly smelly. The row D bungalows also have a better position, nearer the sea. The best bungalows in row D are in the middle of the row, as these bungalows are the least disturbed by passer-by.

Rows C & E. These consist of detached bungalows, so are more suitable for visitors who want to book only a single bungalow. Visitors will be able to hear the sea from the row C bungalows, but not from the row E bungalows, which are further back from the beach. The row C bungalows are thus the best choice. For the most privacy, it is best to book a row C bungalow which is in the middle of the row, not at either end.

Stop press, Nov 2011 - after negative feedback, we can no longer recommend these bungalows.


Deluxe Seaview Bungalows

These are the only true seafront bungalows in Ao Nang, and were all renovated to a high standard in 2008. Some are second row bungalows, so you can only see a bit of sea, and your view is mainly of the back of the front row bungalows in front of you.
The front row bungalows, by contrast, are the same price and directly in front of the beach, and so are a much better choice. As at April 2010 brand new loungers had been added to the bungalows' terraces, further upgrading them.
Obviously the front row bungalows are more desirable than the second row. While we can't guarantee to get you a front row bungalow, as a local agent we know which the front row bungalows are, and in practise we almost always get what we request for our guests.
The Grand rooms are the same price but much more lavishly appointed, so if you are after luxury then choose one of those instead. If location is most important to you, though, these bungalows are the best in Ao Nang.

Stop press, Nov 2011 - If all you care about is having a great beachfront location then these bungalows are a possibility, but are not in particularly good condition and the furniture is very old and dated. Several of our recent customers have, after checking in to one of these, requested a move to one of the better Grand rooms (see below).


Grand Room

These exceptionally stylish and well-appointed rooms are currently among Ao Nang's most opulent units. The inlaid wood floors complement the rooms' tastefull pastel hues, which are used to showcase the splashes of colour donated by throws and cushions on the large and comfortable bed.
The spacious and lavishly decorated bathrooms feature a large hot tub.
The best of these units are the ones on the 3rd floor, for those who can be bothered to climb the stairs, as they have good mountain views. The best of these 3rd floor rooms are the two in thew centre, which have unobscured views.


Pool Villa

The pools are only big enough for a plunge rather than a swim, but are nonetheless perfectly adequate for a spot of couples' cuddling. Honeymooners can shed their clothes as well as well as their inhibitions, as the pools are totally private.
There are 2 of these units in the resort. One has a reasonable seaview, the other has no seaview - if you book with us, we can request the one with the seaview. As a locally-based agency, we know the resort intimately, so we know what the best unit's room number is.


Two-bedroom Suite

These huge and classy suites have gleaming hardwood floors and are tastefully decorated and furnished. They are spotlessly clean, but not in 100% mint condition, as the baths need replacing and some of the wallpaper is in less than perfect condition. Many people will feel that these' suites great location and facilities make up for their slightly worn condition. If you need a large 4 star family suite, Ao Nang has no better option than these units, your best other bet is to rent a villa, maybe this one.

The master bedroom has its own bathroom, flatscreen TV, sofa, 2 armchairs and a writing desk. The childrens' bedroom has twin beds, a kitchenette, a bathroom, its own TV, its own sofa and 2 armchairs.

The 2 TVs in the suites means that parents don't have to watch kids' TV, which is obviously a good thing - it's bad enough having to watch Thomas the Tank for the hundredth time at home, without having to do so on holiday as well.

The suites' terraces are relaxing places for parents, who can keep half an eye on their children in the pool, while relaxing with a book on the comfortable and shady terrace. Actually, each unit has 3 terraces, two equipped with a pair of loungers and one equipped with a table and chairs. The terraces are set in a shady, fairly private and lushly planted corner of the resort, and are close to a poolside massage sala. For many families, this equation holds true:

Mum being pampered + Dad reading a book + kids splashing in the pool = holiday bliss.

An extra bed is possible for a fifth child, and a small sixth child can sleep on one of the sofas, which can be made up as a bed. For larger family groups, one of the Deluxe rooms connects with the suite, giving the ability to accommodate up to 9 people.

The ground floor unit suffers from rising damp, so we no longer recommend it. We prefer the upstairs unit, which we can request for you but not guarantee (nobody can do this). While we can't guarantee that you will get the upstairs unit, it is in practice extremely likely that you will. We're so sure of this that, if you book and don't get the best suite, we'll treat you and your family to a Thai dinner at Ao Nang's best Thai restaurant, Krua Thara, on Nopparat Thara beach. If you need advise, contact us.


Two-bedroom Beach House

Right on the beach, this is Ao Nang's best located family accommodation.
There is only one of these units.
The house has 2 well-appointed and well-equipped bedrooms, and a private pool.
While the bedrooms are furnished and decorated to a high strandard, the furniture in the living room somewhat lowers the tone, but not so much as to significantly detract from this great family accomodation option.




Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand


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