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Children : (2 - 11 Ys.)
Babies under 2 are usually free
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Naga Pura Resort, Ao Nang

Independent Review

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Located in a newly-developed area between Ao Nang beach and Nopharat Thara beach, this is a good choice for families and couples who like space and want to get good value for their money. The resort is 10 or 15 minutes walk from the main beach and the central restaurant/shopping/bar zone. There are no shuttle services provided, but this is not a problem, as there are always tuk tuks (small taxis) waiting two minutes’ walk away, right in front of the lane in which the hotel is located.

The resort is brand new as at October 2011 and provides free wireless internet all over the premises. It has a large swimming pool with a bar at one side containing submerged bar stools, which are great for the swimmer who wants to cool off to the max with a chilled beer.



Naga Collection

These luridly-painted rooms are so garish that they will force you to keep your sunglasses on when you enter your room and are not recommended.

Deluxe and Deluxe Pool Access

These 64 sqm room types are good for families and are identical in layout, the only difference is their location. Both room types are under-furnished, which is a good thing if you want to add an extra bed, but a bad thing if you don’t. For this reason we only recommend this room type only for people who need an extra bed.

The Pool Access rooms are, surprise surprise, located on the ground floor. Most families prefer one of these, so the children can easily be kept an eye on while they run around the pool area. They are a very reasonably priced choice for families who want to share a single room, not book connecting rooms. The side of the pool next to the Pool Access rooms has multiple Jacuzzis built into it, one each for each Pool Access room.

The Deluxe rooms are the same in layout as the Deluxe Pool Access rooms, except located on the upper floors of the resort. Most families prefer a Deluxe Pool Access room, but for families who can’t afford a Deluxe Pool Access room, the Deluxe is a significantly cheaper option, and still a good choice.

With either the Deluxe or the Deluxe Pool Access room guests can choose between a double bed or 2 twin beds. The maximum occupancy for these room types is four people plus a baby – one of the extra two people can be accommodated on the daybed, the other requires a full-sized bed to be put in the room. With both room types, guests should request an end-of block-room, as they are slightly bigger and have extra windows for more natural lighting. As a local agency we know which room numbers to request, so if you would like us to request one of these better rooms we can do so for you.

Deluxe Premium

These rooms are the same size as are the Deluxe and Deluxe Pool Access rooms, but contain more furniture. This makes them a good choice for a couple who like an extremely spacious, well-furnished room at a nice price. They also come with a bathtub, but that’s not the main benefit, which is the two sofas that together provide a very comfortable area to lounge around in.

Deluxe Grand

These huge 90 sqm rooms are somewhat sparsely furnished, so are good for families requiring extra beds, but not for couples, for whom the Deluxe Premium is recommended.

Junior Suite

At 105 sqm these rooms are even bigger than the Deluxe Grand, but there’s little benefit to the extra space. They are about THB 1,500 per night more expensive than the Deluxe Premium and not worth the extra money.

Pool Villa

These villas seem pretty plush when viewed from the outside, but we haven’t as yet managed to take a look inside, as every time we have visited they have been full and thus unavailable for inspection. If you are interested in one of these, let us know and one of our writers will pop over and try and take a look.




The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of all taxes and charges, and breakfast for 2 people.


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand


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