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Children : (2 - 11 Ys.)
Babies under 2 are usually free
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pool villa


Holiday Inn, Ao Nang

Independent Review

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The urban-minimalist architecture of this resort won’t be to everybody’s taste, but the open design means that a very welcome sea breeze almost constantly blows through the resort. This is a relief, especially to roasting travel journalists in the steamy month of May. Gently swinging back and forth on the wonderfully airy lobby’s swing-seat, it is no trouble at all to wait for check-in or check-out, but this is rarely necessary, as the staff here have already gained the reputation of being efficient as well as extremely friendly.

This resort has established a good name for itself – all the ‘Pool Access’ rooms were full in mid-May, the depths of the low season, when many hotels have minimal occupancy rates. It is located on quiet Nopparat Thara beach, which is a 2 minute tuk tuk ride from Ao Nang beach and town, or a fifteen minute stroll.

The resort is a great choice for children as, in addition to the decent-sized pool, there is a sizeable garden for them to run around in. The Luna bar, Ao Nang’s late night dancing hot-spot, is 200 metres away, making it easy to get back to the resort after a good night out. Click here for a map. This means that parents of older children can leave them to dance, secure in the knowledge that they will get back to the hotel safely. The music from the Luna bar is not audible inside the rooms.

The pool has a bar adjacent to it with the customary underwater bar-stools, meaning that guests who stay in a ‘Pool Access’ room have water-borne access directly from their room to a gin and tonic!



The restaurant is well-situated at the breezy front of the resort and has a lovely sea-view, and a superb sunset view. The breakfast is adequate, but the bread accompanying it might not be to everyone’s taste, as they don’t provide brown bread, just white and granary (neither of which are as good as Western bakery bread).

The lunch menu is adequate for pool snacks, but the guest is recommended to eat dinner out at least sometimes, as the restaurants in the town are more varied and better value then the resort’s restaurant. The superb Wang Sai Seafood restaurant, with its live seafood pens, is within easy walking distance. Maybe take in the sunset over a drink in the resort’s restaurant, then head on out for dinner. Click here for a map of restaurants, nightlife and amenities.



Some rooms have a better sea-view than others, so contact us and we’ll pop over there and make sure you get the best room possible. Our office is only 2 minutes’ bike ride away, so we can offer this service, unavailable through any other company, completely free – and accompanied by a hopefully unbeatable price.



Immaculate throughout, these rooms have tiny or non-existent sea-views.


‘Pool Access’

The same size and style as the Deluxe Rooms, these are great rooms, especially for families, as parents can supervise their children from their terrace, whilst immersed in either the pool or a good book.
The Pool Access rooms also guarantee that the occupants will get loungers, which can be difficult, next to the pool, in peak season.


‘Grand Deluxe’

These rooms have a large breezy balcony, so are good for those who want to keep cool without jumping in the pool every half hour.


‘Penthouse Pool Suite’

This single suite is very grand, but doesn’t work well architecturally. The high ceilings mean that the modernistic and minimalist approach becomes overpoweringly spare and barren. There are basically too many large areas of polished concrete on display, so we don’t think many people will like feel this is good value for money. The private pool is, of course, popular with honeymooners.




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