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White Sand Resort, Ao Nang

Independant Review


This centrally-located (click here for map) and unexceptional resort is fairly expensive for the standard of the facilities provided, and can only be recommended if other comparably-priced but better resorts such as the nearby Ao Nang Orchid are full. The shared areas of the resort are small and over-crowded, particularly in peak season. The miniscule lobby is sandwiched between he breakfast area and the lifts. Breakfast tables crammed into the corridors to the lifts add to the cramped feeling.


Whilst the tiny lobby isn’t in practice much of a problem and the squashed-in breakfast area can be tolerated if not enjoyed, a more serious problem is the size of the pool on the hotel’s roof. The pool, which enjoys fabulous views of the bay and mountains, is too small for the number of guests in the resort in peak season, when guests must arise at the crack of dawn to be assured of a lounger.

The resort is located close to the beach and amenities, but too close to Ao Nang’s main girly bar street, which is directly opposite. This vice alley is not a problem during the daytime and early evening, as the evening’s debauchery generally starts once the girls and their customers have overcome their inhibitions by getting drunk, which doesn’t happen till about midnight.
From then until the bars close at 2am, however, the drunken laughter can be clearly heard from the rooms at the front of this resort. Many visitors complain about it. Unless you are planning on spending every night getting drunk down ‘disappointment street’ yourself, the rooms at the front of this resort are not recommended.


While not one of the top recommended resorts in Ao Nang, there is one room type, the Superior (type A), which doesn’t suffer from night-time noise. For visitors who are only staying a short while or who are planning to spend a lot of time on daytrips (and who thus won’t care about the smallness of the pool) this room type is a reasonable choice, if better and similarly-priced alternatives in other resorts are full.



The rooms are smart if unspectacularly decorated, and are finished and furnished to a standard consistent with the prices charged. There are two rooms type – Superior and Deluxe.


All the rooms have exactly the same layout, with the exception that the Superior rooms come in two different types, charged at the same price. For convenience, let’s refer to these two types as Superior (type A) and Superior (type B). The difference between the two versions of the Superior room type is that the type A rooms have a better location.
The Superior (type A) rooms are on the top 2 floors of one of the three blocks which comprise the resort, and on the quiet side of the resort facing away from the road. They have pleasant mountain views. These Superior (type A) rooms are the only rooms recommended in this resort.
The Superior (type B) rooms have worse locations. The type B rooms are on the 1st floor (UK style floor numbering, so the 1st floor means the floor above the ground floor), either facing towards the street (so getting the worst of the noise, as they are near to the ground) or facing backwards, towards the scruffy utilities area of the resort. So these Superior (type B) rooms are not recommended.


The Deluxe rooms in the resort are all on the upper 2 floors of the resort. They either face the street or face the mountain. Those that face the street are not recommended because of the nighttime noise. Those facing the mountain at the back of the resort should only be booked if the Superior (type A) are all full, as they are almost exactly the same, but more expensive.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.


In addition, we offer the following free benefits:

Airport transfers at only THB 500 for a taxi or THB 1,000 for a minivan.
If you book your transfer to the airport with us, we will take you to the Tiger Cave Temple, for free, en route. If adults want to climb to the top and need child-minding help while they do so, contact us.
We’ll personally inspect the available rooms at the resort for the dates you require, then report back to you with details of the available rooms that best meet your requirements.
We’ll give you a free quality bakery loaf of bread on arrival.
You will be able to take advantage of unlimited travel advice before arrival – we know southern Thailand intimately and so can organize all your accommodation, travel, sports and activities. This personalized and customized service comes at no extra cost to you – we get our commissions from hotels and activity/transport providers, not from you.


To book this resort, contact us.


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